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Mindless Self Indulgence is better than YOU.


okay, so..Igor decided he wasn't coming to the show. so it was just me, Joe, and Jenny. we froze outside for an hour until they finally let us in. then...we found out that My Chemical Romance wasn't playing cause their drummer is in the hospital. so i was flipping out and such, since i mainly wanted to see them.

Tub Ring played first. they were pretty good. and then Mindless Self Indulgence played. oh my gawd, best live performance ever!

Jimmy Urine was really fucked up. and..he started running through the audience. and i turned around and he was standing next to me staring at me. and i just stared at him in amazement. and then he kind of pushed me (see..HE TOUCHED ME!!) and jumped up onto the table next to me. and..the security guard told me to watch out cause he was a bit fucked up. ha. i <3 Jimmy Urine. he's unbelievably SEXY. he was wearing barely any clothes...but the ones he did have on were for women. mmmmm.

everyone from MSI autographed my ticket. and the guys from Tub Ring autographed my hands. and their really sexy guitarist kissed my hand. OH YEAH.

Joe got Jimmy Urine's sweat rag. that's hardxcore. i got to touchhh it.

i took 2 rolls of film with shitty disposable cameras. i hope the pictures come out good. especially the one of Jimmy Urine standing right next to me...*drool*.

so..yeah..even though My Chemical Romance didn't play, this was definately one of the best shows i've ever been to!

okay..well, it's 1am. i just got home. and i'm really tired. time to go dream of Jimmy Urine<3.
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