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this time i mean it. i'll let you know just how much you mean to me.

school is always groovy the day before holiday break.

we had parties and watched movies in all my classes. in chemistry we watched A Bug's Life. in doc. for soc. we watched Bowling for Columbine (which was much better the 2nd time seeing it. especially after knowing about documentaries). in philosophy we watched Bruce Almighty. we just sat around and did nothing in algebra. in expository writing we made snowflakes and played games online. andddddd in english we watched some funny t.v. show..i don't remember what it was called though.

everyone was giving eachother presents. i haven't done that since....actually, i've never done that. cause i've never had friends to buy stuff for. but...Lauren and Melissa gave me cards. and Kenny got me something, but he forgot it in the car. and Heather gave me a lollipop. and Jenny bought me the Hollister scarf a couple weeks ago. so..yeah..i feel cool.

uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhm. i'm excited. tomorrow is Christmas Eve. i can't wait to give people their presents. which i think is better than saying i can't wait to get my presents.

Dan is coming over today. i haven't seen him since like, Friday. wow. he's going to Vermont from Thursday until Saturday/Sunday. what am i going to do?!?! everyone needs to make plans with me so i won't be lonely!!!!!!
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