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after seeing what we saw, can we still reclaim our innocence?

i'm feeling cool. i was actually out until 1am last night. usually Friday nights consist of sitting around with Dan watching t.v. or sleeping.

me + my mommy picked up Lauren and Ray from the mall. then we went home and waited for Dan. as we were waiting, Joe called to ask if we could pick him up. then Dan showed up. we went to get Joe...but i haven’t seen him in a while, so i forgot which house was his. me and Dan went to what we thought was his house and kept ringing the doorbell and knocking. but apparently it wasn’t his house. so i had to call him and find out which was his. ha.

then we went to the show. the bands were pretty good. Eyes To The Sky was really good. annnnnnnnnndddd...yes. local shows are much better when they play music that you like. ha. how could i have ever gone to all those shitty Late October and The Downside shows that you people go to? lame.

we left Joe at the show because he wanted to stay for the last band and...me, Dan, Lauren, and Ray wanted to leave. we went to a diner on the way home. they wouldn't let me and Lauren eat off the children’s menu! how rude. i’m totally under 12 years old. so screw you.

after the diner we stopped at my house to get my Finding Nemo dvd. then we drove around for an hour to a bunch of different Dairy Queens because Lauren wanted ice cream. but...apparently Dairy Queen isn’t open at 12am. sooo..we went to A&P and bought ice cream there. then we went to Lauren’s house to watch Finding Nemo and enlighten Raymond..but...Lauren’s mommy and David were watching Cheech + Chong. so we couldn’t watch it. instead we played with Stumpy, her challenged bearded dragon, and ate ice cream. then Lauren cut Ray’s hair. VERY entertaining.

mommy + daddy wouldn’t let Ray and Lauren sleep over because my brother is sick. so..me and Dan left them at Lauren’s house and went home. we got back at like...1am and went to sleep.

Dan just left for work at 7:30. it’s friggin’ 8am. i should be SLEEPING. considering tonight is the MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE and MSI show and i’ll be out late again.

EEEEEEEEEEEEE. i can’t believe the show is tonight! i’m going to pee myself when we get there. seriously.
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