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i love you for this day.

so, my mom should hurry up and come home. i have to pick Lauren and Ray up at the mall at 4:30, come back here and wait for Dan to arrive, get directions to the Washington Township VFW, and then go to the benefit show for Rudy.

Lauren and Ray might sleep over tonight. hopefully they can fit on my top bunk bed together. cause me and Dan will be sleeping on the bottom one. if they do stay, we're watching Finding Nemo...because Raymond is EXTREMELY deprived and has never seen it.

tomorrow is the MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE, Mindless Self Indulgence, and Tub Ring show!!!! EEEEEE!! i'm super excited.

i definately should've thought out how i'm paying for things. i owe my mom $15 for one of Dan's Christmas presents. the show tonight is $8. and tomorrow at the MCR/MSI show i plan on buying like...$100 worth of merch (seriously). which would've worked out fine if everyone gave me back the money for the tickets. but...so far only Jenny has paid me for hers. Igor can't until Monday. and..i never see Joe, so i'm assuming he's paying me tomorrow when i pick him up. hopefully daddy will give me some money tomorrow.

EEK. it's 4:15 already? i have to go get ready!
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