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..and life was perfect, just like up on the screen.

all i do is sleep. seriously. i sleep through my classes. and then i come home and go to sleep. i sleep all night. and then in the morning i'm still tired. wtf?

i have the worst sinus headache..as usual. whatever.

i had 2 tests today that i didn't study for until 5 minutes before i had to take each. i got a 100 on both, thanks to my ability to memorize things extremely quickly.

in doc. for soc. me, Jenny, and Bec were working on our stereotyping project. then we started trying to put ourselves into groups. Paul says i'm an underground pop punk emo girl. cause i listen to pop punk and emo...but i know + like all the bands before anyone else does. go me.

i'm really nauseas. and...my brian hurts from too much thinking.

i've come to the realization that i really do hate everyone. i swear. okay, maybe there's a few exceptions. and by a few, i mean 2 or 3.
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