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i hate everything about you. why do i love you?

Jenny's mom called Natallo and bitched about the study thing. so now we only have assigned for a week, like he originally said.

me and Jenny actually went to the study yesterday. it's all freshmen. and apparently we're not allowed to go to the library or the bathroom or the nurse...no matter what. lamest thing EVER.

i convinced my mom to agree to drive me, Joe, Jenny, and Igor to the My Chemical Romance and Mindless Self Indulgence show next weekend. so..i'm going to go get tickets today. it will be just the four of us. because everyone else is pissing me off with their inability to make set plans.

so..yesterday was mine + Dan's 1 year and 9 month anniversary. yup. he was doing homework and playing games all night. so i went to sleep at 8pm. it was nice, actually.

my mom should wake up. so we can go get the tickets. seriously, this show is all me and Jenny and Joe have been talking about for the past like, month. i'm going to pee my pants when we get there because of the excitement. eeeeee.
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