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i can't help but think i'll die alone.

so, Natallo called me down to his office first thing in the morning. and he gave me some shit saying that my unassigned study is now assigned for the WHOLE year...because it's in replace of a gym class. which makes no sense. everyone with a medical excuse has UNASSIGNED study. they can't pull this shit. it's just cause everyone hates me and Jenny. i don't care if they take away the study for 1 week, but not for the whole year. after the first week i'm not showing up to the assigned study anymore. cause....it's crap. he can eat me.

anyway..continuing with the crappiness, Dr. Wilk flipped out on me, Jenny, and Bec because we didn't hand in something that isn't even due until tomorrow. wtf?

i also found out today that Paul isn't getting tickets for the My Chemical Romance + MSI show, nor is he or one of his friends driving us there. and the show is next weekend. so we're fucked. i don't care what we have to do.....i'm going. Craig said he might drive us. i really hope he does. i HAVE to go to this show. it's their last show of the year. eee. and it's My Chem!! and MSI!! aghhhh.

whatever. i'm going to sleep.

it's the tearing sound of love-notes
casting out the gray stained windows.
and the view outside is sterile,
but i'm only two cubes down.
i'll photocopy all the things that we could be..
if you took the time to notice me.
but you can't now.
i don't blame you.
and it's not your fault that no one ever does.
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