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i'm trying to let you know just how much you mean to me.

last night i was at the mall with Dan. and we were walking through the parking lot. and i hear "HI SHARI." so i turn around, and it was Mr. Adams!! i <3 Mr. Adams. i'd marry him if he wasn't already married and wasn't like, 20 years older than me. anyway, we went into Sears and saw him again. so i made Dan talk to him. and he told my mommy that i’m a good kid. and...yeah. Mr. Adams is the coolest teacher ever.

today was crappy. me and Jenny had both lunches because of our UNASSIGNED STUDY during period 7. so...since we had 2 hours to waste, we decided to walk to Ted’s North to get food. it took us 40 minutes to walk there. then as we were waiting for our food, my uncle showed up. so he gave us a ride back to the school.

we were in our expository writing class during the last block of the day and the phone rang. andddd...it was the vice principal saying that he wanted to see me and Jenny. apparently someone told him that we had left (which you can‘t do, unless you‘re a senior)...so he said we had extended detention. so we’re like..okay, whatever..it’s just detention. then he’s like, “wait, nevermind. i’m putting you into an ASSIGNED study.” like...wtf? you get DETENTION for a first offense....not your study taken away!!! it’s bullshit. they didn’t even give us one specific study to go to either. we have 3 different ones. which makes no sense. ahh, whatever. i don't know why i'm bitching so much. it's only for like, 2 weeks. after that we go back to an unassigned study. either way i'm still leaving at 1:30 on Day 1's. Natallo can kiss my ass. (i'm so lady-like)

AH. i just realized it’s 8:30. i need to watch The O.C. soon.
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